AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-04-07Updated commands in readme to show uuid in usageHEADmasterDavid Panić
2019-04-07Added UUID support in commandsDavid Panić
2019-04-07Updated permissions and commands in readmeDavid Panić
2019-04-07Added IP banning supportDavid Panić
2019-04-07Added ban type to join message of banned playerDavid Panić
2019-04-07Added NoSuchFileException to file existance checkDavid Panić
2019-04-07Made Main file more generic + disabled joining on severe load errorDavid Panić
2019-04-07Added permissions and commands to readmeDavid Panić
2019-04-07Added readmeDavid Panić
2019-04-07Added intellij files to gitignoreDavid Panić
2019-04-07Created basic ban functionality (IP bans not yet supported)David Panić
2019-04-07Updated intellij filesDavid Panić
2019-04-07Updated gradle wrapper + added dependenciesDavid Panić
2019-04-07Initial commitDavid Panić