AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-06-07Merge branch 'dev'HEADmasterDavid Panić
2019-06-07Bumped List and Clear version numbersminenash
2019-06-06Bumped Reoprt's version numberminenash
2019-06-06Fixed paging being one offminenash
2019-06-03Fixed bugsminenash
2019-06-02Fix /abot list (without hte -nh flag)minenash
2019-06-02Created CrashUtils + implemented findnear commandDavid Panić
2019-06-02Added autoReconnect to LoginSecurityDavid Panić
2019-05-31Fixed Abot and Saylol Version Numbersminenash
2019-05-31Allowed abot's file to be edited in game.minenash
2019-05-31Fixed page overload bugminenash
2019-04-27Made reports use special permission to see the periodic messageDavid Panić
2019-04-17Fixed saylol bugs + cleaned up code & messagesDavid Panić
2019-04-17Merge branch 'dev'David Panić
2019-04-17Merge branch 'Aberdeener-master' into devDavid Panić
2019-04-17Merge branch 'master' of into Aberdeene...David Panić
2019-04-17Bumped DamnSpam and Survival revisionsDavid Panić
2019-04-17Merge branch 'master' into devdaWeed
2019-04-17Bumped ModuleLoader versionDavid Panić
2019-04-17Updated dependencies.Logan Fick
2019-04-17Removed unused bungee imports in SurvivalDavid Panić
2019-04-17Fixed location comparison for DamnSpam block breakDavid Panić
2019-04-12Added module info files to buildDavid Panić
2019-04-12Incremented revision numberDavid Panić
2019-04-12Fixed conflictDavid Panić
2019-03-09Merge branch 'dev'David Panić
2019-03-09Incremented version revision to 3David Panić
2019-03-09Fixed players being able to teleport other players.David Panić
2019-03-01Changed the word used for players with the Trusted Rank in /listMinenash
2019-02-17Merge branch 'dev' of into devMinenash
2019-02-17Added paging to /lol search and /lol match.Minenash
2019-02-08Updated dependencies.Logan Fick
2019-02-07Added Gradle wrapper.Logan Fick
2019-02-03LoginSecurity: Censored passwords from logsMinenash
2019-01-31Changed the cost for /name and /loreMinenash
2019-01-31Fixed ntoification not being deleted after being viewedMinenash
2019-01-31Merge branch 'dev' of into devMinenash
2019-01-31Made Friends Module work again (but better).Minenash
2019-01-31Fixed Warnings for Mail ModuleMinenash
2019-01-31Added load message for BlockPlaceMods to startupMinenash
2019-01-31Merge pull request #44 from RedstonerServer/devMinenash
2019-01-31Merge branch 'master' into devMinenash
2019-01-31Patched and re-enabled version check in Travis CI.Logan Fick
2019-01-30Added Mods for repeaters & comparators and updated (and fixed) versionMinenash
2019-01-30Fixed ModLogDirectional's aliasMinenash
2019-01-30Renamed ModBetterDirectional to ModLogDirectionalMinenash
2019-01-30Merge branch 'dev' of into devMinenash
2019-01-30Removed /anvilMinenash