BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
apiAdded more json supportMrYummy4 years
badgeremoved unneeded parentheses and text limitsMrYummy4 years
masterMerged pull request #58.Logan Fick2 years
mastodonCombined Mastodon username and instance fields into one field.Logan Fick4 years
memoryAdded choice of project, r/w perms, and fixed up some cssMrYummy4 years
permission-and-message-improvementsMade having a confirmed email required to manage blog posts.Logan Fick4 years
pmjust making this so I don't lose work when I switch branchesMrYummy4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-04-02Merged pull request #58.HEADmasterLogan Fick
2019-04-02Merge pull request #1 from Aberdeener/Aberdeener-patch-1Tadhg
2019-04-02Changed to Search All ThreadsTadhg
2019-03-01Merged pull request #57.Logan Fick
2019-03-01You can now update a profile even if the discord field is emptyFutseh
2019-03-01Removed the regex validation for discord nameFutseh
2019-02-24Merged pull request #56.Logan Fick
2019-02-24Added an extra layer of security towards not deleting threadsFutseh
2019-02-24This got removed for some reason, will look into itFutseh
2019-02-24Can disable the oppurtunity to delete threads in the forumsFutseh