BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
chataliasFix command given for next help page in chatalias.pyDico5 years
chatalias-chained-aliases-patchFixes and stuffDico2005 years
chatgroup-infoMake /cg info display offline users tooDico5 years
command-intercepterFix hooking commands throwing UnsupportedOperationException. Server will inst...Dico2005 years
devTeleport the player twice to fix #50psrcek5 years
imbusy-reply-patchEnabled friends module, added friends check in imbusy, fixed small mistakesDico2005 years
loginsecurity-patch-1Patch buggy movement blocking when logging inDico5 years
masterServersigns permissions fix, adapted help page to user permissions, implement...Dico2005 years
tweaksRemoved unnessecary debug outputsPepich5 years
wrapperFix most of wrapper_commandDico2006 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-09-11Teleport the player twice to fix #50HEADdevpsrcek
2016-08-04Fix for bug, where you can use cg without logging inpsrcek
2016-08-03Delete plotter.pypsrcek
2016-08-03Added psrcek to pythonerspsrcek
2016-06-25Merge pull request #48 from RedstonerServer/loginsecurity-patch-1Dico
2016-06-25Merge pull request #47 from psrcek/patch-2Dico
2016-06-23Patch buggy movement blocking when logging inloginsecurity-patch-1Dico
2016-06-22removed unnecesarry str callspsrcek
2016-06-22derp... integer divisionpsrcek
2016-06-22fixed derp, should use math.ceil instead of +1psrcek