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masterReformatted code.Logan Fick2 years
v1commit 619c603a4f...Logan Fick2 years
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2019-02-08Reformatted code.HEADv1masterLogan Fick
2019-02-08Added IntelliJ IDEA configuration files.Logan Fick
2019-02-08Removed example plugin.Logan Fick
2019-02-08Added gitignore file.Logan Fick
2019-02-08Added Travis CI configuration file.Logan Fick
2019-02-08Converted project to use Gradle.Logan Fick
2019-02-08Pulled licensing change from upstream.Logan Fick
2019-02-08licensed, kindaNemes
2019-01-13Removed debug statements and uncommented 2 lines of codeMinenash
2019-01-13Added the ability to unload using the fallback.*Minenash